Public Address
Turn-key Systems Integration

Public Address & Mass Notification

From basic warehouse or shop floor paging tied into a phone system, to more advanced multi-zone solutions for Educational enivronments, to sophisticated Mass Notification systems for emergency alerts, Pacificom can provide a paging solution regardless of what you are looking for.  As part of a public address system, or as a separate entity, Pacificom can provide a full Synchronized Clock system as part of any installation.

Simple Paging Systems

Basic paging including horns, speakers, and tie in to a dedicated microphone or telephone system. We can offer excellent solutions with exceptional voice quality for warehouses, car dealerships, machine shops, outdoor parking lots, etc.


Advanced Paging Solutions

As Valcom’s Master Dealer for B.C., Pacificom can provide Valcom’s Class Connection IP solutions in K-12 and post-secondary environments.

Valcom is the leading provider of voice communication systems for K-12, Hospitals, Colleges, & Universities. With over 40,000 systems installed in the U.S., Valcom continues to offer new, innovative, cost-effective solutions for their valued customers.

Class Connection IP6000 is Valcom’s versatile, easily managed IP network based solution. IP6000 features 2-way classroom communications, facility/district wide mass notification for emergency announcements, an advanced bell scheduler, unlimited voice paths for simultaneous conversations, supervision, network based remote management, and unlimited expansion capability. Designed for facilities that recognize the long term cost savings of convergence, IP6000 is a popular choice for both new construction and retrofit applications.

Class Connection ES is Valcom’s feature rich, analog based communication solution. Class Connection ES features 2-way classroom communications, facility wide mass notification for emergency announcements, an advanced bell scheduler, synchronized clocks and multiple voice paths for simultaneous conversations. Class Connection ES continues to be the analog system of choice for thousands of schools throughout the world.

Both Class Connection IP6000 and Class Connection ES systems feature a wide array of speaker, horn, clock and call box styles.


Mass Notification

Valcom’s eLaunch is a Single Launch Point for Mass  Notification and Alert Notification Needs.

Start by integrating all of your existing communication assets and service providers by tying them all together to form a unified mass notification system.

Valcom’s eLaunch makes it easy to integrate existing disparate subsystems together to form one comprehensive Mass Notification System. Within seconds, one operator can initiate and launch messages to all subsystems without having to deal individually with each subsystem as is presently required.

Your total system assessment may indicate that some communication gaps exist. Valcom’s eLaunch allows you to future-proof your system with easy addition and integration of new subsystems to fill in gaps and/or take advantage of future technologies.  Your system should have multiple modes of communication for each category of messages to insure coverage to virtually all anticipated end user circumstances and sub systems should be inherently overlapping.

Mass Notification is one of the highest priorities on campuses. The objective is to quickly, accurately, reliably and cost effectively deliver Emergency Messages to large numbers of people involved; i.e., on campus. All messages are not equal!

Valcom’s Mass Notification Solution unifies all your existing – or new – disparate subsystems into a cohesive Mass Notification System!